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We (IMLS and FMK Uganda e. V. in Germany) will start our 3. Donation and Sports Challenge on 10. September 2022 – 01. October 2022 (!!! extended until 15. October!!!). We want to run, drive, swim 14.500 km around the 7 countries of the East African Community and at the same time fundraise 14.500 € as a donation for the IMLS!

After last year’s successful donation and sports challenges, it is time once again to go out into the fresh air and do some exercise for a good cause!

Begin: 10. September 2022
End: 01. October 2022 (!!! extended until 15. October!!!)
Distance: 14.500 km
Goal: 14.500 €
The construction of the lower basement floor of the IMLS is now completed, occupied and in operation. What is still missing is an outside kitchen as well as tables, chairs and other equipment for a good learning surrounding. 

Our goal is to raise 14.500 €. Therefore, we want to circle around the seven member states of the East African Community namely Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of te Congo, Burundi, Ruanda and Uganda – a 14.500 kilometers long opportunity to get rid of calories and to support IMLS at the same time, from 10. September to 15. October 2022!

How can you participate?
Everyone can join in and collect kilometers – on foot, on the bike or in the water!
If you would like to participate, fill in your kilometers after each sports activity with your name/pseudonym and email address here.
An optional “registration fee” (donation) can be made via this Betterplace-Donationplatform.
Of course, it is also possible to make a donation without taking part in the sport activities. Please ask your friends and relatives whether they would like to support you as a sponsor for your distances and donate, for example, 1 €  per kilometer.
After each run or bike ride etc., the kilometers covered will be entered via our online-platform to constantly display the ranking as well as the total kilometers covered. (Please do not “collect” kilometers and enter them all on the last day but enter them regularly.)
You may need to know some German vocabulary for signing up or donating.
Here are the most important words:
Gehen/Wandern = walk/hike
Walken = walking
Joggen = jogging

Rad fahren = biking
E-Bike = Electric bike
Rollerfahren = Scooter riding
Schwimmen = swimming
Rudern = rowing
Paddeln = paddling
Surfen = surfing
Reiten = reiten
Drachentrike = kite trike
Sonstiges = other
Jetzt spenden = Donate now
For public uploading of pictures (German: “Foto öffentlich hochladen?“) you will find the button: “Durchsuchen” (search files). Here you can choose and upload your pictures.

Each participant will be issued a certificate of participation, that can be individually downloaded at the end of the event. Non-cash prizes will also be raffled off among all participants.

An African proverb says: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.

How does your contribution help in concrete terms?
Currently the students lack chairs and tables for proper lessons and an outside kitchen is needed to feed all the students without risking any lives in dark smokey shelters as it is the case right now.

  • With 50 €, 6  bags of cement can be purchased for the outside kitchen
  • With 100 €, we can purchase 5 chairs with integrated small table plates
  • With 200 €, we can procure 3 tables with metallic stands

So, if we reach the donation target, the outdoor kitchen and lesson equipment can be completed soon. This will minimize the risk of health problems! 

Together we will reach the goal of kilometers and donations!

Thank you for being with us!

Donating through Betterplace

Betterplace is a non-profit donation platform that we use to collect online funds.  If you do not want to donate anything to Betterplace in addition to your Donation to this cause, simply set the “Contribution to Betterplace” option to 0 €.
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