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Our Courses

Our normal classes are conducted on termly basis from Monday to Friday. Our clients are given convenience in a way that a 1:1 teacher to student ratio is applied for private music lessons and students choose convenient time in their schedule which falls on a class on the time table.

Normally, a lesson lasts 1 hour for a class and takes place once or twice a week for every particular course.

Our term lasts approximately 3 months. When a term is complete, the student is supposed to enroll for next course or Grade if he/she qualifies for it. A student is awarded a certificate on completion of a course.

Weekend and Evening Programs:
Our evening programs commence at 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm and our weekend programs at 11.00 am – 8.00 pm (saturdays and sundays). Please contact our administration for details and questions in relation to our weekend and evening programs.

During school holidays, we train children from the age of 4 to 17 intensively at IMLS. Children in this age bracket are in most cases from Primary One (P.1) to Senior Five (S.5)

Holiday Time table and study times

During the school holidays, we have classes from Monday to Thursday and our classes begin from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm everyday.

From morning up to lunch time, lessons are arranged between two groups, that is, Group A – the advanced group starts with music theory at 9:00 am as the beginners’ group learn their respective instruments. They then have a 30 minutes break at 10:30 am up to 11:00 am when Group B – the beginners group then switches to music theory as the advanced group A their respective instruments (We have more than 10 types of different instruments trained at our school).

We then break off for lunch time at 12:30 pm After lunch at 1:30 pm children have a playing break of one hour up to 2:30 pm after which classes are resumed. After lunch, the lessons are theatre and choir. The children do either theatre or choir. So in this case, as one group is doing theatre, the other group is doing choir training.

This session runs up to 4:00 pm when children go back home.

2020/2021 Holiday program dates:

ProgramStartEndsRegistration dates
Term 1 HolidayMon. 27th April 2020Fri. 15th May 2020Mon. 20th Apr.
till Mon. 27th Apr.
Term 2 HolidayMon. 17th Aug. 2020Fri. 4th Sept. 2020Mon. 10th Aug.
till Mon. 17th Aug.
Term 3 Holiday – Session 1Mon. 30th Nov. 2020Fri. 18th Dec. 2020Mon. 16th Nov.
till Mon. 30th Nov.
Term 3 Holiday – Session 2Mon. 4th Jan. 2021Fri. 22nd Jan. 2021Mon. 16th Nov.
till Mon. 30th Nov.

Please contact us for details. Call 0701822627/07754594218

This program is carried out during normal schools terms whereby with aid of the IMLS van, our teachers travel to named primary and secondary schools with various music instruments to pass on music skills to the students.
Currently, our affiliate Outreach schools are:

  1. St. Charles Lwanga G.T.C. Kalungu – Secondary school
  2. St. Matia Mulumba Kyankoole Primary School
  3. St. Kizito Kyamuliibwa Primary School
  4. St. Immaculate Villa Maria Boarding Primary School
  5. Rock Junior School, Kyalusowe
  6. Sacred Heard Primary School Kyamusansala
  7. Uplift Primary School Kiyanja

Interested schools please contact us: 0701822627/07754594218

To give you an overview of all IMLS Study Programs, you can also download the current IMLS prospectus here:

IMLS Study Programs:

Our normal classes are conducted on termly basis from Monday to Friday.

Aspiring students could be assisted in acquiring relevant scholarships in Germany or any other country. Among other incentives, graduates could also be assisted in initiating personal or collective start-ups with the aim of curbing unemployment especially among the young generation. However, participation in the IMLS International Choir & Music Theory is mandatory to ALL IMLS students especially during their first year of study. For more details, please refer to our Academic Registrar.

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