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A Recorder is in a family of woodwind musical instruments. It originates from a group called Internal duct flutes – flutes with a whistle mouthpiece. It’s composed of tone holes or thumb holes that function in the production of sound.

At IMLS, we teach the Recorder according to grades, ranging from Preparatory Grade One to higher grades. Lessons are conducted regardless of age and gender basically focusing on inculcating the skill of playing the instrument in all styles of music, jazz, classical, popular music etc. This enables many students to discover their musical talent and have more exposure.
Recorder lessons are also conducted in the outreach schools where our teachers commute to convey music lessons, both theory and practical.

The Recorder is composed of the thumb holes or tone holes that when you cover one of them you produce a different tone according to the key that is played. It is held starting with the left hand covering the first three holes with three fingers and the remaining tone holes are covered with the right hand moving downward.
This instrument is not meant for the young ones as many say or think, it’s also played on a professional level and more so it’s examined under the musical instruments in different countries all over the world at different levels of education. Anyone can register for the recorder as a main instrument then instructed respectively.
At the end of each study session or grade, a concert is held at the school as a way of evaluating and building confidence in the learners. As a way of creating harmony and coordination, advanced students at IMLS are able to teach the beginning students and share their experience so as to motivate them.

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