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It is a woodwind instrument usually made of brass and played with a single-reed month piece.

Although most Saxophones are made from brass, they are categorised as woodwind instruments, because sound is produced by an oscillating reed, traditionally made out of woods cane, rather than vibratiing in a mouthpiece cupar with the brass instruments family. With other woodwind instruments, the pitch of the note being played is controlled by covering the holes in the body tube to control the resonant frequency at the air Colum by changing the effective length at the tube.

The player covers holes by pressing mechanical keys trigging a system of pads, privots and linkages.

The Saxophone is used in classical music (such as concert bands, chamber music, solo repertoire and occasionally orchestras) military bands, marching bands, jazz such as big bands and jazz combos as well as contemporary music. It is also used as a solo and melody instrument or as a member of a horn section in some styles of rock and roll and popular music. Saxophone players are called saxophonists.

The modern Saxophone family consists entirely of instruments in the Bb-Eb series, historical and experimental instruments. Not with standing. The Saxophone with widest use and availability are the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone Saxophones.

Saxophone students at the IMLS also play in the Brass Band. Thereby they learn to play music together and how to work on a piece in a group.

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