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Fees Structure

Functional Fees – apply to all departments

APPLICATION FEE 30,000 UGX payed once
DEVELOPMENT FEE10,000 UGX payed once
GUILD FEE15,000 UGX payed Annually
IDENTITY CARD20,000 UGX payed Annually
IMLS T-SHIRT30,000 UGX payed once
MEDICAL FEE30,000 UGX Per semester
RESEARCH FEE20,000 UGX Per semester

This costs are not relevant for the Choir and the IMLS Children’s Troupe. However, the identity card and the t-shirt are mandatory.

For admission please come with one passport photo, a valid identity card, pass slips or certificates.

Accommodation Fees (Optional)

ItemWith meals (per term) Without Meals (per term)
Accommodation (optional) 500,000 UGX 350,000 UGX

Course fees (in UGX):


Instruments & VoiceDay ClassesBoardingEvening ClassesWeekend ClassesOutreach Program (per head)Holiday Program
Violin250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Cello250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Piano250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Guitar (bass(rhythm/solo)250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Clarinet250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Trumpet250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Saxophone250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Tuba250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Flute250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Recorder250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Trombone250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
French Horn250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Drum Set250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Traditional Instruments
and Drums
250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Djembe250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Voice250,000550,000250,000185,00025,00050,000 (Children), 100,000 (Adults)
Adult Choir150000Membership fees: 15,000 UGX (paid once)Membership fees: 15,000 UGX (paid once)
Childrens ChoirMembership fees:
10,000 UGX
(paid once)
Membership fees: 10,000 UGX (paid once)
Children’s TroupeMembership fees: 10,000 UGX (paid once)

Please note:

  • Music Theory is a compulsory subject for all students in all departments during their first year of study. It can also be chosen as an independent subject from well-wishers like musicians or choir members outside IMLS.
  • Vulnerable Children can study for free or on a discount. For further information please contact us.
  • The brass band and symphonic orchestra are for IMLS students with acquired skills and cost nothing. External instrumentalists can also be part of these groups and can register for them.



ProgramsDayBoardingEveningWeekendPractical FeesDuration
Luganda for International Students250,000 per lesson550,00025,000 per lesson25,000 per lesson

DIT – Directorate of Industrial Training


ProgramsDayBoardingPractical FeesDuration
Certificate in Tailoring400,000600,00050,0001 year
Certificate in Hair Dressing400,000600,00050,0001 year
Certificate in Cookery400,000600,00050,0001 year
Certificate in Automotive Mechanics 400,000600,00050,0001 year
Certificate in Electronic Technology400,000600,00050,0001 year
Certificate in Welding and Metal Fabrication 400,000600,00050,0001 year

The DIT Courses are programs that can be offered by all aspirants even those that have not had a chance to sit for S4 or even attending any school at all. Students offering this programme graduate as professionals and attain a Certificate from the Uganda Directorate of Industrial Training which is the National Assessment and Quality Assurance Body for the informal sector and produces high quality assurance mechanisms with emphasis on qualification standards and equivalent ratings with a highlevel of professionalism recognized nationally, regionally and internationally.



National Certificate ProgramsDayBoardingPractical FeesDuration
Vocational Courses:
National Certificate in Cosmetology & Hair Dressing (NCCH)400,000600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Fashion and Design (NCFD)400,000 600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Hotel & Institutional Catering (NCHIC)400,000600,000N/A2 years
National Certificate in Photography & Videography (NCPV)400,000600,00050,0002 years
Business Courses:
National Certificate in Accountancy (NCA)400,000600,000N/A 2 years
National Certificate in Business Administration (NCBA)400,000600,000N/A 2 years
National Certificate in Secretarial Studies (NCSS)350,000550,000N/A2 years
National Certificate in Information Technology (NCIT)400,000600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Journalism and Mass Communication (NCJ) 400,000600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Music(NCM)400,000600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Computer Repair and Maintenance 400,000600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Procurement & Supplies Management (NCPSM)400,000600,000N/A2 years
Technical Courses:
National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM) 400,000600,00050,0002 years
National Certificate in Electrical Installation and Maintenance (NCEIM)400,000 600,00050,0002 years
Non-Formal Training Programs280,000 50,0002 years


  • Students will be given a copy of requirements to bring with for specific practical courses and the requirements will be used by them during their practical lessons within a term.
  • General Certificate in Computer Studies: All jobs in a developing economy require prior knowledge and skills in Computer studies. IMLS will offer a 3 months computer course to all its students without charging an extra fee. This incentive is compulsory for all departments.
  • Non-Formal Sector: Due to different challenges we encounter especially in developing countries like Uganda, the statistics are indicating a lot of school dropouts. Due to this matter fact, IMLS would like to avail such victims with a chance to realize their dreams through the Non-Formal Department. Students will be imparted with skills in areas of their interest in order to assure a successful life in the future.


National Diploma ProgramsDayBoardingPractical FeesDuration
Vocational Courses:
National Diploma in Cosmetology & Hair dressing (NDCH)450,000650,00050,0002 years
National Diploma in Fashion and Design (NDFD) 450,000650,00050,0002 years
National Diploma in Photography & Videography (NDPV)450,000650,000500002 years
National Diploma in Catering & Hotel Management (NDCH)450,000650,00050,0002 years
Business Courses:
National Diploma in Accounting and Finance (NDAF)450,000650,0002 years
National Diploma in Business Administration (NDBA)450,000650,0002 years
National Diploma in Information Technology (NDIT)450,000650,00050,0002 years
National Diploma in Music (NDM)450,000650,00050,0002 years
National Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (NDJ)450,000650,00050,0002 years
National Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management (NDPSM)450,000650,0002 years
National Diploma in Secretarial Studies (NDSS)450,000650,0002 years
Technical Courses:
National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (NDME)450,000650,00050,0002 years
National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (NDEE)450,000650,00050,0002 years

Note: Students will be given a copy of requirements to bring with for specific practical courses and the requirements will be used by them during their practical lessons within a term.

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