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The International School of Music, Languages and Polytechnic Studies will re-open its gates for both national and international students immediately after the corona crisis. New Year’s intake is set for 01.02.2021. Use our detailed Online-Form to apply now. Admissions will be available at our Bwala Main Campus.


Instruments & Music Theory






Our normal classes are conducted on termly basis from Monday to Friday. Aspiring students could be assisted in acquiring relevant scholarships in Germany or any other country. Among other incentives, graduates could also be assisted in initiating personal or collective start-ups with the aim of curbing unemployment especially among the young generation. However, participation in the IMLS International Choir & Music Theory is mandatory to ALL IMLS students especially during their first year of study. For more details, please refer to our Academic Registrar.

Joseph Wasswa - IMLS Initiator

"Music is an indispensable bridge that all human beings need to achieve moral stability, reach their secret destinations and thus gaining future prosperity."


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The construction of our new school premises at Bwala is in progress and currently we are at the stage of the ground floor top shrub. It is a 5 storey structure but our wish is …
Through the existing partnership between the city of Regensburg and Masaka, IMLS Teachers and administrators have been invited for a one-month music course at the Sing- and Music School of Regensburg. The journey was slated …
Every year the International School of Music, Languages and Polytechnic Studies hosts the Sing and Music School of the city of Regensburg, Germany. A team of 10 music specialists were headed by their music director …


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Check the Intermediate Status Dear participant of the donation and sports challenge, Wow, we are already on the way back to Regensburg and we have 3.946 km left to reach there up to the challenge planned end this Saturday on 11th July 2020. Thank you for continuously sending your kilometers! For the last challenge day
The Community of International School of Music, Languages & Polytechnic Studies (IMLS) in conjunction with AGG Bigband – Regensburg, Germany with pleasure invite all of you to a Fundraising Bonanza as we Mobilise Funds for the multipurpose school building at Bwala. Due to the current Corona-Virus situation, the concert has been postponed to August/September. Dates

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Teachers and Volunteers
Wasswa Joseph, M.A.

Wasswa Joseph, M.A.

IMLS Initiator - International Relations Manager
Matovu Andrew Kabulassoke, M.A.

Matovu Andrew Kabulassoke, M.A.

Quality Assurance Manager & IMLS Executive Director
Schaaf Sophia, M.A.

Schaaf Sophia, M.A.

FMK Germany Representative
Hudelmayer Nicola, B.A. (T.D.)

Hudelmayer Nicola, B.A. (T.D.)

IMLS Volunteer Coordinator
Vollenbroeker Carina, B.A. (T.D.)

Vollenbroeker Carina, B.A. (T.D.)

IMLS Websystem Manager

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