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This is one of the local language spoken in the most parts of Uganda and its now officially taught in most of the secondary schools, and more so the schools that are located in Buganda region are the ones on taking this program of teaching this language. As the struggle continues to educate individuals from different parts of the country, even the Uganda National Curriculum Development (NCDC) designs a teaching curriculum for that language.

Not leaving out the German volunteers at International School of Music, Language and Polytechnic Studies (IMLS), we also have this language taught to them to help them stay comfortable in the country Uganda in terms of communication. This has developed a good condussive environment for the German volunteers to stay in a joyous moment at IMLS and in other parts of Uganda where they happen to reach since communication is solved by teaching them Luganda language. As everyone is waiting to hear from the muzungu that ‘’wasuzotyasseboobannyabo’’ it sounds every funny for the muzungu’s first time to say greetings in Luganda.

This language is not only taken on by the Germany volunteers, but also the fellow Ugandans that want to learn more about Luganda language, IMLS also happen to receive applications from different parts of the continent who organize for the Luganda lessons and they have interest in learning this language.  Though this language is a little bit difficult and hard when it comes to writing and reading of the Luganda text because of the rules that guide it, still those learning this Luganda language are given different means of simplifying the speaking part of it through practicing every day. We still welcome as many individuals who want to join this Luganda lesson at IMLS. Many books are written to teach Luganda language and some of these books are ‘’Zonnampayimpayi, Ebyobuwangwa Y’emunyenye Y’eggwanga  by Walabyeki Magoba’’ and many authors are writing to teach more about Luganda through poems, plays, songs and in other means.

At IMLS, this language is taught by Muddu John Mary, a qualified degree teacher in Luganda and ICT from Muteesa 1 Royal University Masaka and a music teacher as well.

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