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Children´s Troupe

IMLS Children’s Troupe is a group of young children who work together to perform dances as a form of entertainment. The troupe performs a varity of different cultural dances which have different means:

The kiganda dance
commonly known as Bakisimba; is a six –by eight multi- rhythm, featuring a dialogue and discussion of instruments both melodic and percussive. Melodies are sung and played on top of this strong rhythm and later a dance. It is one of the most popular and recognized and rhythms and dances in Uganda.

Otwenge dance
It is commonly known as the adungu dance, this is the traditional dance of the Alur people in the otwenge song which literally means the elbow. Apart from the two dances we also perform the alakalaka dance, Olunyenge dance, and the ekitagululo dance and the Ekizino dance.

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