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Building Construction

Certificate Course

This course takes duration of 2 years and it involves different types and levels of technology that enable building structures of different magnitudes to be constructed. This course focuses on technologies, materials and methods employed in construction of building structures and other large building projects.

The traditional art of clay brick making and construction is celebrated but also improved with subjects that teach students methods of construction, how to work with other structural materials like concrete and cement as well as advanced with theory classes in science and mathematics. Our students benefit from a new computer lab with AutoCAD on each station and high-quality workshop space.

For students taking this course, industrial training is mandatory with the help of the tutor. This has to be done in every year of study.

Note: There is an enrolment limit for this course.

The entry requirement for this course shall be holders of Uganda Certificate of Education or Uganda Junior Technical Certificate or Community Polytechnic Certificate of Education or a degree or diploma in any a specialised field.

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