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The Violoncello, also called Cello, is a big instrument with a deep sound. It is ideal to play solo parts as well as in combination with other instruments like Violin, Piano, Guitar, Drums and many more. It is used as a base instrument, so while playing with others, the Cello play the deep baseline. In the lessons at IMLS the pupils will learn both, playing songs and playing together with other instruments.

In Europe you can find the Cello in every orchestra and it is a very important instrument in the world of music. It is also not only used for classic music, but even for jazz, pop and rock. While the lessons in the IMLS-building are focused on one by one teaching, we do have the outreach program, wherein we teach the children in theirs schools in small groups. In the holiday programs we also teach in groups, which is a good way of learning how to play together.

The Cello is for everyone, children as well as adults, and the lessons are of course adjusted to the age. We try to provide one thing the most: Learning the instrument while enjoying every step, even the simple beginning and leaving the lesson with a heart full of joy!


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