Early Childhood Development

Diploma Course

The two-year Early Childhood Education Diploma prepares a student to become an educator of children in a variety of early learning settings. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work with families and other professionals to support children`s learning and development. This program provides the student with the ability to create, implement and assess play-based curricula while building stimulating child-centred environments.

The student benefits from both theoretical and hands-on learning opportunities assist in providing guidance to children while planning, implementing and evaluating programs. Through the student’s placements, they will gain valuable hands-on skills and experience to help them understand the diverse roles, settings, and responsibilities of an Early Childhood Educator.

For students wishing to pursue the course, they will have to do school practice at every end of the year of study from schools selected by the Department.

Note: There is an enrolment limit for this course.

  • Strictly those who have finished advanced level with at least two principle passes or a certificate in early childhood education from a recognised institution or its equivalent.
  • Ability to sing or play any western music instrument. (We recommend the Guitar and prior lessons can be organised through special arrangements at IMLS.)


This program is well-suited for students who:

  • Have strong observational and analytical skills.
  • Enjoy working as a member of a team.
  • Have strong language (oral and written) skills.
  • Are self-reliant and enjoy challenges.
  • Are interested in child development and teaching children through Music, Dance and Drama.
  • Are comfortable using computers and other forms of technology.
  • Enjoy working with children and their families.
  • Have effective interpersonal skills.
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