Arrival of teachers and students of IMLS in Germany

From 01 May to 23 May 2022, some of the teachers and students of IMLS will spend time in Regensburg, a city in Germany. There they will get intensive music training and prepare for exams they will take.
They also play some concerts and get to know the culture in Germany.

Regensburg city tour

Cathedral St. Peter – a landmark for the city of Regensburg

Visit of the show “Mozart Morzart” in the theater Regensburg.

Boat trip to the Walhalla sight near Regensburg.

Excursion Walhalla: The temple was commissioned by the Bavarian King Ludwig I and is one of the most important German national monuments of the 19th century. 

Here are impressions from May 07 and 08: arranging a flash mob in the streets of Regensburg and making music for a church service.

– Trip to Erding: concert with and for students of a high school
– Trip to Munich Airport
– Sightseeing and tour in the Allianz Arena Munich

On the right side is another impression of a performance from the “Night of Music” in Regensburg.

The picture on the left side: The IMLS group with the mayor of Masaka, Ms Namayanja, in Regensburg.

Here come more impressions from the last days:
– Himbisa-Mukama concert in a church Hl. Dreifaltikeit
– Exams at the Haus der Musik Regensburg (House of Music Regensburg)
– Concert in the Neuhaussaal in the Theater Regensburg with awarding of the certificates from the practical and theoretical exams

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