The water harvesting Project

Date 30th-August-2022 The water harvesting project  still underway and about to reach completion. Currently both water tanks have been installed into the ground and gutters connected from the building to channel water. Also water filters are being made to provide healthy and safe drinking water. The Integrated Sciences University team is very effective and resourceful […]


On 10th August, we received students from the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Germany under the engineering department. These ones are having an exchange program with the fellow engineering students at IMLS for a period of three weeks where they are sharing knowledge, skills and ideas mainly in  plumbing and installation. This has been possible […]

Reopening of the IMLS in November 2021

The school officially opened on 1/November/2021. On the pictures there are some of the students admitted in different certain polytechnic courses. Engineering workshops & Electrical engineering section Cosmetology and hair dressing students & IT students Catering section & Fashion and designing section Later the following days, IMLS wlecomed inspectors from UBTEB, these were the inspectors […]

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