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Ensembles and Groupes

IMLS Adult Choir (Imacho)

IMLS Adult Choir was initiated in 2018 to bring together and serve the singers and lovers of music in Masaka and surrounding areas by introducing to them techniques in:– Choir training– Voice training– Performance– Sight singingThe Choir started with 9 members and now has 16 active members to date. Future plan:– To perform our 1st […]

Childrens Choir

The IMLS Children’s Choir gives the children the chance to sing and learn new songs in a group.Together they can find a way to sing and sound nice as well as learning to take care for each other and interact in a group. Besides, the children can have lots of fun while singing together.

Brass Band

At IMLS we offer all kinds of Brass Band instruments. And we have so far managed to set 100 students over the period of two years. It’s a blessing to everyone who is interested in learning brass band instruments plus the brass musicology and also learning more jazz techniques, classical and contemporary music. All students […]

Symphonic Orchestra

The IMLS Orchestra gives the students a possibility to share the knowledge of their individual instrument with many other instrumentalists. All together, they can produce a unique and full sound which everyone enjoys. Music is all about coming together and playing in a group. An orchestra is the best possibility for that. All students and […]

Children´s Troupe

IMLS Children’s Troupe is a group of young children who work together to perform dances as a form of entertainment. The troupe performs a varity of different cultural dances which have different means: The kiganda dance commonly known as Bakisimba; is a six –by eight multi- rhythm, featuring a dialogue and discussion of instruments both […]

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